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2017 / Switzerland / self portrait / digital photography

curriculum vitae


i was born 1969 in a hospital on the lake of zurich in switzerland, late on a sunday evening.

later I was formally educated in fitness-instruction, offset-printing, graphic-design, paragliding, hang-gliding, flying helicopters and photography. consequently I finally started to walk my own path.

I worked in chile, greenland, iceland, kyrgystan, nepal, switzerland, sudan, takjikistan and the united states for extended periods of time and in various professions.

speaking german, english, russian and some french, I was able to make contact with different cultures which inspired and influenced me over and over again.

encouraged by my parents to create art since early childhood, an ongoing process of exploring, shaping, abandoning and recreating a personal visual language for over 40 years, i consider creativity an important and great force.

at the present time i am living and working in new york city and other parts of the world.