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2012 / 'mamä' / pencil on primed wood, 40x52cm / Collection of the artist
2012 / 'self-portrait' / pencil on primed wood, 40x52cm / Collection of the artist
2011-2012 / 'Minera-Andina' / pencil and tempera on primed wood, 80x30cm / Collection Urs&Elisabeth Beer, Switzerland
2006-2012 / 'Mount Fishtail' / pencil, egg tempera and collage on wood, 125x186cm /
Collection Daniel Feurer, Switzerland
2014 / 'unfinished inspiration' / pencil on primed wood, 64x80cm / collection of the artist
2014-2016 / 'mothers necklace' / pencil and oil on wood, 80x104cm / Collection fam. Beer, Switzerland
2016-... / 'Ama Dablam' / pencil on primed wood, 80x52cm / work in progress
2017-... / 'triangulation failure, #1 and #2' / pencil and carbon copy on paper, 190x127cm / work in progress

pencil drawings


The size of the actual object in relation to the drawing differs dramatically - a gigantic mountain for instance reduced to an image on paper. In another case, myself in a self-portrait though equals one to one. But what is the reference? The original object ultimately standing independent from myself or my dependent personal perception of that very same object?

Regardless, initially the physical image is coming from my camera, Out of many I had carefully chosen, knowing that this particular reflection will accompany me for a long time - an intimate process. The copy I produce on the painting ground, by tracing the printed photograph, must be a product of my own too, however outlines only. It feels like cheating though, mapping out the shape of the object with the help of a photograph.

Later, fragments of the artwork are forming a structure, a landscape of its own, while I draw the different shades and grays - reproducing 'the original' from the reality distorted photograph. Then again, what is reality? Where is the 'me' found in the 'outside' (the object of ultimate reality)? Or where is the 'outside' found within 'me'? I have time to ponder about these questions while with the pencil I create a new existence of the object.

At last I step away from the drawing and suddenly see again the object my mind once spotted in the 'outside', the mountain now small in my apartment or myself still in the same size in front of me. 'What is what?' or 'who is who?', I ask myself again and walk away from my own creation now unrelated to 'reality'.